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DevRelCon Beijing 2017: Join us as we explore developer relations and developer marketing for the Chinese market in this first DevRelCon in Asia! Come learn how to build developer communities around your API, tools and infrastructure.

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The first conference in China dedicated to developer relations and marketing

Software developers are the new king makers. If you have a product that's targeted at developers then you need to use developer relations and developer marketing to build awareness, adoption and community. Join us at DevRelCon Beijing to learn how.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon Beijing 2017. More to be announced!


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Shohei Oda


The people behind DevRelCon Beijing.

Tomonori Watanabe

Jack Jin

founder of DevEco

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Noriyuki Suzuki

Miya Liu

co-founder of DevEco

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Taiji Hagino


Wonderful Video.

Brief Introduction

DevRelCon Beijing 2017

Open Source Strategy in Alibaba


Helping Society Progress Through Building

Quincy Larson


Bldg. C8, Universal Creative Park Chaoyang District, Beijing

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